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Young At Heart Senior Pet Adoptions – The WLS Wake Up Call


Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions’ mission is to find a new home for every adoptable animal that comes through our door, to educate the public on the benefits of adopting older pets, and to decrease the euthanasia rate for older dogs and cats in Illinois.  Learn more about Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions by clicking here.

This incredible organization will be stopping by the WLS Wake Up Call, Monday, January 9th at 8AM with 11-year-old Harmony (Pictured above).  Harmony is a Puggle that wants a home and is hoping one of our listeners is interested in adopting her.  Bentley’s Pet Stuff also wants to include a special treat provided by Zignature Pet Foods.  Find out what that is on Monday, January 9th in the 8AM hour on 94.7 WLS.

Bentley’s Pet Stuff is the pet store that’s fueled by knowledge and wants their customers to have what’s best for the four-legged, furry members of their family.  To learn more about Bentley’s Pet Stuff or to find a store near you, go to or click here.

Zignature Pet Foods, ‘Crafts premium foods based on everything they’ve learned from nature,’ building hypo-allergenic, low glycemic nutrition for your pets. Learn more about this ‘holistic pet food that goes beyond nature’ on their website, or by clicking here.