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Company will pay $10,000 for the Best ‘Real Life Nightmare’ Costume

The makers of Natural Light are doing a costume contest on social media and the person with the best ‘real life nightmare’ costume will win $10,000!!  Natural Light wants people to dress as, quote, “real-life everyday” fears. Some of the examples they tweeted out include “Shackled by Student Debt,” “Undying Laundry Basket,” “Moving Back in with Parents,” and “Scary Bad Credit.”  Forget Freddy Krueger, Jason and Michael Myers, THESE are what really give me nightmares!

If you can come up with a more clever costume and are over 21, take a swing at that $10,000 prize.  Natural Light will also give $1,000 to those who make the top 10.  They’re judging costumes on three categories:  Creativity, originality, and relevance.  So really think hard on what scares you on many more days than just Halloween and how you can spin that.

To enter, follow Natural Light on Twitter or Instagram.  Then upload a photo of your costume by November 3rd, along with two hashtags:  “#NattyScaries” and “#Contest”.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

Natural Light