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Mother Goose history in honor of Mother Goose Day (yep it’s a real thing)

Happy Mother Goose Day! Weird, huh? Yup, Mother Goose Day is May 1st and it is a REAL holiday. So let’s go over the river and through the woods with peter, peter pumpkin eater to the farmer in the dell’s hickory dickory dock with three blind mice!

These rhymes and songs have been passed down for centuries, but the exact identity of Mother Goose is still unknown. Some say Mother Goose was a real woman who lived in Boston in the 17th century and entertained her grandchildren with rhymes and songs. Her son-in-law, who was a publisher, printed her rhymes and Mother Goose was born.

Although it is fun to imagine Mother Goose as a Dunkin Donut loving, Red Sox obsessed Bostonian, many historians dismiss this theory. Texts of the poems were written in French as early as 1626. The texts show the French term, “mere oye”, or Mother Goose.

Some historians say Mother Goose existed way before 1626, dating back as far as the 10th century. There is a French legend that says King Robert II had a wife who entertained the children with poems and tales.

While the identity of Mother Goose still remains a mystery, Charles Perrault was the first person to publish Mother Goose’s rhymes and tales in 1697. The collection went by the name of “Le Contes de ma Mere L’Oie” or “Tales of my Mother Goose”. In 1786 the collection was republished and brought to the U.S.

Who knew this was a holiday? Have a great Mother Goose Day! Too bad the weather is so gray. The sun should come out soon they say. Oh well, have a great 1st of May!

You can stop rhyming, okay?

I can’t stop!