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Twinkies has a new STRAWBERRY flavor now

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It’s Review Time! 💞🍓 With Valentine’s day comes chocolates, teddy bears, and thoughtful cards, and last but not least strawberries! @hostess_snacks decided to take advantage of this flavor this Valentines Day. I present to you Hostess Valentines Strawberry Twinkies! • • I must admit @hostess_snacks is probably my all time favorite company. Each and every holiday season and sometimes out of the blue, they present us with an array of new flavors and themes! So of course when Valentine’s Day started getting closer and closer, I got more and more excited to see the selection of Valentines flavors that they’re gonna bring out! First on the list are Strawberry Twinkies! The box art is great, it is the normal Twinkie box with several hearts adorning the box and a heart balloon that lets you know this is Limited Edition! The back of the box gives you 2 Valentine’s cards to cut out that are too cute! The outside of these Valentine’s Twinkies are your traditional golden sponge cake that you know and love. The inside is full of strawberry-pink creamy filling that is both sweet and subtle at the same time! Now I must state I’m not the biggest artificial strawberry flavor so I was happy when I took a bite and realized its a very subtle flavor. But if you are a strawberry lover than you may find that this is very lacking and has almost no strawberry taste to it! Overall I absolutely love Twinkies so I can’t hate on this too much but I suspect alot of people will wish it had more of a strawberry punch too! It would even be amazing if they had done a strawberries in creme one with pink and white swirl filling! 5/10 🌟

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If you want an alternative treat for Valentine’s Day you might want to consider Strawberry Twinkies. It features the classic Twinkies golden sponge cake, but it’s filled with strawberry, creamy filling. They’re currently in stores for a limited time.