Cara Carriveau


Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport

The opening ceremony for the Olympics was strange, with almost no one in attendance. But the athleticism in the Olympics is always amazing to watch. Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport, I look forward to watching this weekend.

Here’s when to watch via

  • Saturday 7/24 7pm: Men’s Street Qualifications
  • Saturday 7/24 10:30pm: Men’s Street Final
  • Sunday 7/25 7pm Women’s Street Qualifications
  • Sunday 7/25 10:30pm Women’s Street Finals
  • Tuesday 8/3 7/25 7pm Women’s Park Qualifications
  • Tuesday 8/3 7/25 10:30 pm Women’s Park Finals
  • Wednesday 8/4 7pm Men’s Park Qualifications
  • Wednesday 8/4 10:30pm Men’s Park Finals

Synchronized swimming will be entertaining next month but it’s never as good as this hilarious SNL skit with Martin Short and Christopher Guest.

I give them a 10!