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94.7 WLS Money Mouth with Dave and Kim

94.7 WLS listeners, Money Mouth returns with a fun and fast way to win thousands of dollars!

Social distancing has challenged how we all have conversations. We use email, texts, video calls and the list goes on. It’s time to do it the classic way and talk as fast as you can on the phone for 10 seconds…and get PAID for it with Money Mouth from 94.7 WLS!

Starting Thursday, September 10 during DAVE AND KIM MORNINGS, listen at 8:10am to be caller fifteen (15) to 312-922-9470 for a chance to play. You will have ten (10) seconds to say “Ninety Four Seven WLS” as many times as possible. Each time you can say “Ninety Four Seven WLS” will get you $100! For example, if you say it ten times, that equals $1000! Use your mouth, and the money can up fast, literally!

Here are a few tips to help you rack up the money:

  1. Practice at home with tongue twisters, “toy boat, toy boat, toy boat.”
  2. Breath deeply before you start.
  3. Control the breath.
  4. Breathe less during the fast talking part.
  5. Find a rhythm to it.
  6. You do not need to say “point” in 94.7. Instead, say “Ninety Four Seven WLS”.
  7. Practice with the Money Mouth timer below.
  8. With a little practice, you’ll be a top-notch competitor.

Be sure to tune in every weekday morning at 8:10 AM beginning Thursday, September 10, to be a Money Mouth winner!


See who’s won MONEY MOUTH so far (and how many times they were able to say “Ninety Four Seven WLS”)!

Thursday, 9/10/20 – Pat Cutrona from Mundelein (9 times / $900)  

Friday, 9/11/20 – Kelly Cisneros from Chicago (10 times / $1000)

Monday, 9/14/20 – Hyla Callo from Lake Zurich (9 times / $900)

Tuesday, 9/15/20 – Dave Sbertoli from Wood Dale (9 times / $900)

Wednesday, 9/16/20 – Yesenia Herrera from Chicago (11 times / $1100)

Thursday, 9/17/20 – Linda Witting from Homer Glen (10 times / $1000)

Friday, 9/18/20 – Mary Granat from Chicago Heights (10 times / $1000)

Monday, 9/21/20 – Coco Chenoweth from Chicago (10 times / $1000)

Tuesday, 9/22/20 – David Berry from Downers Grove (11 times / $1100)

Wednesday, 9/23/20 – Gladys Dejesus from Hermosa (9 times / $900)

Thursday, 9/24/20 – Donna Ferrara from Schererville, IN (11 times / $1100)

Friday, 9/25/20 – Joe McFeeley from Norwood Park (10 times / $1000)

Get ready for MONEY MOUTH: Test your skill using this handy and cool-looking digital timer:

Official Contest Rules