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Shark Week 2019: too gimmicky and not enough science?

Shark Week 2019 kicked off yesterday, July 28th, and people are really sinking their teeth into this annual phenomenon. However, many people are worried Shark Week has become (and continues to be) gimmicky just for entertainment’s sake and less about the science and biology of sharks. Shark Week began with thoughtful, scientific studies about these mysterious creatures; and now Shark Week has evolved into  “fake” documentaries like “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives” and star-studded “reality TV” specials like “Eat, Pray, Chum” (this was the premier for Shark Week 2019 and was met with a lot of negative feedback).

Dr. Stephen Kaijura, a shark expert from Florida Atlantic University stated, “‘It’s really disappointing that you have so much potential with a really interesting subject and that potential is lost because they focus on sensational aspects,'”. Other scientist are concerned about Shark Week’s constant shark attack story-telling, instead of talking about the importance of shark conservation and how it impacts our oceans.

While Shark Week is very entertaining, perhaps the scientific authenticity is being lost.

(In the melody of Baby Shark) Have more science, do do doo doo doo do doo, too much fluff, do do doo doo doo do doo, save the sharks, do do doo doo doo do doo!