This is your beach on booze…

Sooooo…no booze on the beach? That’s not what I saw!

I spent Memorial Day at Oak Street Beach amongst the hundreds of sweaty, oiled up bodies (that are in better shape than me) and the copious amounts of alcohol.

It’s almost impressive all the ways I saw beachgoers smuggling in alcohol. I might have had a “water” bottle with me.

Shout out to the CPD which was out in force to keep people safe. Thank you!

Suggestion? A garbage can in the underground tunnels where everyone offloads their beer cans so they aren’t caught on the beach. It was like wading through high (life) tide.

But these guys have it all figured out…this is the way to do Memorial Day Weekend!!

Now all I have to do is find someone with a yacht. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller…