I am nesting! I just decorated my future foster child’s room…

I am getting ready to be a foster mom and I just took one GIANT step toward giving a child a home.

I have been preparing through Children’s Home & Aid – an amazing agency that trains foster and adoptive parents. They’ve helped me with an incredible amount of information and training me to be the very best foster mom I can be.

It’s not easy…and it shouldn’t be!! I just decorated my future foster child’s room over the weekend. I am so excited. I walk in there multiple times a day just to look at it.

I can’t wait. And at the same time I am absolutely terrified. I want to make a difference for a child and I want to be the best parent I can be!

I nested all weekend getting the room ready. It’s getting more real. Please let me be really good at this!!

Here is the bed…and at night there are stars on the ceiling so they won’t be scared.