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Red Cross says only 3 percent of US population donate blood

Image by Robert DeLaRosa from Pixabay

The American Red Cross wants your blood. The organization launched its Missing Type campaign yesterday (June 11th) in an effort to get more people to donate blood in the U.S. The Red Cross says just three percent of Americans donate blood, which leaves many in dire need of help. Cliff Numark, with the Red Cross, says, “The Missing Types campaign allows to take a non-traditional approach and inspire individuals to roll up a sleeve to ensure blood types A, B, and O do not go missing from hospital shelves for patients that dearly need them.”

The Red Cross has teamed up with 26 major brands in order to spread more awareness, including Ace Hardware, Amazon, and Google, all of which plan to drop the letters A, B, and O from signage and logos as well as host blood drives to encourage participation.