Do you consider saying a movie has a ‘great twist’ the same as a spoiler?

A reddit user, mrjapan, sounded off on his distain for people that say a movie you haven’t seen has a “great twist.”

“In my opinion when I know a film has a twist it makes its a lot less exciting because I know the story line isn’t what it seems and often I can work out what the twist is” he wrote in the post.

Many comments seem to agree with him. One user, Mahaloth, noted how seeing one [very famous twist-y movie] in theaters was enhanced, because “they had done a great job hiding that the movie was anything other than a normal movie…When the twist occurred, not a soul in the theater seemed to know it was coming…The theater lost its mind.”

Others used the comments to note their favorite movies with Twists:

“I always loved Twister just for the sheer amount of twist it had.” –jivepanda

“I’m sorry everyone, but Chubby Checker had the greatest twist of all time.” –ColoneISanders

“Oh man just wait til you see Oliver Twist! You won’t believe it!” –CupcakePotato

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