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Chicago named one of the most fun cities in America

Wallet Hub just released its annual list of the most fun cities in America.  And SIN CITY is #1 again.  Las Vegas also snagged the top spot last year, and in 2017.  Right in the middle of the top 10 came our own midwestern metropolis, Chicago.  The Windy City ranked high in ‘Entertainment and Recreation’ and ‘Nightlife.’  What bogged us down on the list though was the cost of fun!

Here are the ten most fun cities in America:

1.  Las Vegas

2.  Orlando

3.  New York

4.  Miami

5.  Chicago

6.  Atlanta

7.  San Francisco

8.  Portland, Oregon

9.  San Diego

10.  Los Angeles

The five least fun cities this year are Pearl City, Hawaii . . . Oxnard, California . . . Yonkers, New York . . . Santa Rosa, California . . . and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Wallet Hub