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Why you’re seeing more spiders in your home this year

It’s spider season, and you may notice more than usual in your home this year. I definitely have! Normally, I let the small ones live, but I keep seeing enormous (at least for indoors in Chicago) brown spiders!

Apparently, scientists at the University of Gloucester say heavy rain and record-breaking temperatures this summer have created the perfect conditions for the insects spiders eat to thrive. That means the well-fed eight-legged insects are now heading inside to look for a mate. YICK!

The researchers took to Twitter and found people were tweeting about spotting spiders earlier and more often than at the same time last year. And just to make things worse– they say there’s evidence that spiders are bigger than normal this year. Still, keep in mind that though spiders may seem scary, they play a crucial role in our environment by helping control insect populations.