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The best time to book Thanksgiving and Christmas flight deals is coming up very soon

Summer isn’t technically over yet, but it’s time to think about your holiday travel plans. A new report from AAA says Thanksgiving and Christmas travelers should start searching for flights as soon as Wednesday, September 25th, in order to get the best airfare prices. They say that date marks the beginning of the month-long period when flights are cheapest for travel in November and December, according to an analysis by the AAA.

For Thanksgiving 2019 you can save some money by choosing to travel on the Monday before (November 25th) or on Thanksgiving Day itself (November 28th)– flight prices tend to be higher on the Sunday before Thanksgiving (November 24th.) As for Christmas, the best day to fly in terms of price and crowds is Christmas Eve (December 24th), while the worst day is the day after Christmas (December 26th.)