Cara Carriveau


New exhibit at the Museum Of Broadcast Communications: “Stay Tuned: Rock On TV”

The Museum of Broadcast Communications announced today that it will offer free admission to Chicago Public School students during the teachers strike. This invitation goes to all CPS students as long as they come with a school ID and are accompanied by an adult who purchases a full price ticket. It will run throughout the duration of the strike and includes weekend admissions.

No doubt you will love taking your kids to the new exhibit “Stay Tuned: Rock on TV”. It features incredible archival footage and more than 300 original artifacts and new interviews. From “The Ed Sullivan Show” to “MTV” to “The Voice,” it showcases how rock and roll shaped television (and vice versa). I loved standing at Dick Clarks infamous “American Bandstand” podium!

More highlights of what you can see:

·         ZZ Top’s 1933 red coupe, “Eliminator”

·         The Jackson Five’s outfits from their first live performance of “I Want You Back” on “Hollywood Palace”

·         Brittney Spears’ outfit from her hit video “Oops I Did it Again”

·         Sonny and Cher’s outfits

·         Eric Clapton’s acoustic guitar played on “MTV Unplugged.”

·         “Saturday Night Live” artifacts including a shirt worn by Eddie Vedder

·         Lady Gaga’s metal costume from “Bad Romance”

The MBC also features the newly designed “Chicago School of Television” featuring artifacts from Bozo the Clown, Svengoolie, Oprah and more.  The National Radio Hall of Fame calls the MBC home as well. Visit Museum.TV for more information. #TVRocks