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Would you be HAPPY or INSULTED to get workout equipment as a gift from your significant other?

An ad for the exercise bike company Peloton has been going viral because it shows a woman getting a stationary bike from her husband for Christmas and spending a year “progressing” from super in-shape to super SUPER in-shape.  Then she shows the video she kept of it to her husband.  He seems to approve…

Lots of people didn’t care for this ad and a new survey asked people:  If you got a fitness-related holiday gift, like a gym membership or home workout equipment, would you be HAPPY or INSULTED?

38% of people say they’d be more pleased than insulted: only 7% would be more insulted than pleased .and 44% wouldn’t feel one way more than the other. But, the question is, would those people be insulted if it came from their significant other…

I say, don’t buy it unless they ask for it!