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These are our top go-to reactions when opening a bad gift…

There’s a Seinfeld episode where Jerry explains that if someone repeats the name of a gift when they open it, then they definitely HATE it.  According to this, it really is one of the ways we react to bad gifts!

People were asked what they usually say when pretending to like a present and here are our top ten go-to reactions…

1.  A simple “thank you.”  81% of us do it.

2.  “Awww!”

3.  “I love it!”

4.  “Wow!”

5.  “You’re so sweet.”

6.  “That’s interesting.”

7.  “What made you think of this?”

8.  “I’ve always wanted one of these.”

9.  Repeating the name of the gift.

10.  Opening the gift and then GASPING.

Hopefully you don’t hear or have to use one of these this Christmas…