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Some workplaces are offering shoeless offices

Silicon Valley companies are known for their many perks designed to appeal to the Millennial workers who fill their staffs, but the newest one isn’t what you might expect — shoeless offices. Some startups and other young firms are letting their employees walk around their offices without their shoes or even barefoot without socks on, with the intent of creating a more comfortable work environment, and it apparently doesn’t violate any health codes.

The CEOs of two companies that have the policy, human resources tech firm Gusto and productivity platform Notion, both say they grew up in shoeless households, and they want to have a comfortable relaxed atmosphere for their employees and visitors to their offices. Some tips for shoeless offices include: have a central cubby area where people can leave their shoes; encourage wearing slippers and socks; keep the office clean; and offer company-branded socks to visitors and employees.

The Guardian