Cheers To You If You Are Doing A Dry January

Are you doing a Dry January? I call it Dryuary and I’m doing it, though I didn’t begin until January 2nd because I threw a party on January 1. As Brian Peck can attest I drank enough prosecco at my party to last me the month. I’m considering going even longer than just 4 weeks, I’ll decide at the end of the month if I want to continue. The entire month of December felt like a big party, I am enjoying this much anticipated break from booze.

I have dropped alcohol for 3-15 weeks (longer when pregnant) several times over the years so I know the benefits to expect: more energy, saved money, dropped weight, no inflammation, less sugar cravings, clearer thinking, shinier hair & eyes, etc. It’s been almost a week, though, and I haven’t felt any of those beneficial side effects yet. In fact, I’m sleeping all the time! But considering I’m normally an insomniac I suppose that is a nice improvement. I love sipping a quality bourbon so it’s been tough to refuse offers but so far so good. I am attending a networking event tomorrow that revolves around cocktails, that should be interesting. But I’ll just order a soda water with a lime. If you’re also doing a Dry January congrats, you’ve made it a week!


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