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Conversation Hearts coming back this Valentine’s Day

Last year, for the first time since 1901, conversation hearts were NOT on sale for Valentine’s Day.  It’s because Necco, the company that made them, had gone out of business, and the new owners couldn’t get production going in time.

The new owners are the Spangler Candy Company.  So have they gotten their act together for this year?

The answer is . . . sort of.

Spangler says the Sweethearts conversation hearts WILL be back in stores this year, but with a few catches.

One, they say they didn’t have the production capacity to make enough.  So their plan is to stock the big chains, like CVS and Walgreens, but smaller and more regional chains could get limited supplies or none at all.

And two, they say the equipment that prints the words on the conversation hearts BROKE and they couldn’t fix it completely . . . so your bag of hearts is going to have a lot of blanks, or just red splotches where the words would normally be.

They’re hoping that by Valentine’s Day, 2021, they’ll be ready to meet demand and print a message on every heart.