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Don’t worry: The Illinois lawmaker who proposed mandatory gas attendants is backtracking on bill

So, we may get to continue pumping our own gas after all!  Recently, a lawmaker proposed a bill that would require all gas stations be staffed with attendants and forbid drivers from pumping their own gas.  Had the Gas Station Attendant Act passed, this would have taken place as soon as January 1st of next year.

Rep. Camille Lilly, the proposer of the bill, has since backtracked on her proposal (likely because of the many who were concerned about the potential increase in fill-up time and cost for the service).

Lilly told the Chicago Tribune, “This is not a bill I would move forward to make pumping your own gas illegal. That was never the intent.”  According to the Trib, she “said the bill was designed to address convenience and safety issues at the gas pump, adding it is her plan to let people continue to pump their own gas should they want.”