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Elton John made it an hour and a half with walking Pneumonia before having to cut his concert short

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 2: Elton John performs during a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Radio City Music Hall on March 2, 2016 in New York City. Clinton won seven states in yesterday’s Super Tuesday. (Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)

Elton John had to cut a concert short in New Zealand yesterday because he came down with walking pneumonia.  Despite this, he was determined to get through a show in Auckland, New Zealand yesterday.

After an hour and a half into it, he had to call it quits, but the crowd gave him a Standing O for his effort.  He got really emotional as he was helped offstage…

He Tweeted, quote, “I want to thank everyone who attended the gig in Auckland tonight.  I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia earlier today, but I was determined to give you the best show humanly possible.

“I played and sang my heart out, until my voice could sing no more.  I’m disappointed, deeply upset and sorry.  I gave it all I had.”