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There’s now a Friends-inspired coffee shop just across Wisconsin boarder

You’ll have to drive for an hour, but if you’re a Friends fan, THIS will be worth it.  A Friends-inspired coffee shop just arrived in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.  Cup O’ Joe Coffee House, which had opened Central Perk pop-ups in New York and England are now brining our favorite group of 20-something singles (for most seasons) to the midwest.  If you pop in, you’ll likely be living out the life of a background character, because you’ll have to make reservations for the iconic orange couch.

No doubt there will be a line as there are soooo many Friends die-hards out there.  In fact, since the show has been pulled from Netflix, the DVD box sets of the series have been SKYROCKETING in price.  To give you an idea of this significance, for the longest time, you could find entire seasons for $1-$3 in Half Priced Books clearance sections.  That was back when anyone who wanted to own the series did and everyone else could just stream them.

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