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Parents are posting real-time reactions online to seeing kids’ report card grades

In the latest trend in sharing more and more of parenting online, parents are taping their real-time reaction to looking at their kids’ report card grades and then posting the videos on social media. Read out loud is how they did in each subject, along with positive and negative comments.

Dad's Emotional Reaction to His Son's Good Grade

Dad has such a beautiful reaction! 😭

Posted by LittleThings – Trending Stories on Friday, September 14, 2018

CNN reports that while a lot of the comments on the online videos are positive, child psychology experts are urging parents to reconsider doing it, saying they could cause children anxiety and embarrassment and even damage relationships between children and their parents who do this.

Clinical psychologist Alexandra Hamlet of the Child Mind Institute told CNN, “There is a difference between being proud of your kid and displaying that on your refrigerator and sharing it on social media without consenting or discussing it with them in advance.” Hamlet said that even if parents ask their kids permission before a report card reveal, quote, “it’s really hard to have an adult conversation with a child about whether they want their stuff posted for the masses when they don’t even really understand the scope of the digital footprint.”