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CTA will test allowing riders to enter front and rear doors on buses

There’s nothing worse than getting stopped in the outside lane by a bus with A BUNCH of passengers getting on at that stop.  Sure, you could drive on the inside lane, but then you risk getting stopped by people turning left in intersections with no turn lanes…  I love Chicago, but driving here can really suck sometimes…

Anyway, the CTA has taken note of this issue and is planning on doing something about it.  This summer, they will be testing on a couple of bus lines, allowing Ventra Card-holders to enter through all doors of the bus.  Yes, that means the designated ‘Exit’ door will become an entrance as well, but they already do that on Metra and the El anyway.  For riders of the #J14 Jeffrey Jump and #192 U of Chicago Hospital Express routes, you’ll get to see this test in action.  But, if you pay for your fare in cash, you’ll have to stick to the entrance next to the driver.

And who knows: if this works, one day when you see a CTA bus stop in front of you to pick up a number of riders, you may be pleasantly surprised when the bus pulls away faster than when you expected!