Tom O'Toole


Chicago is the BEST city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2 years in a row

An annual study ranks the best cities to be in for St. Paddy’s Day each year based on Google searches, beer prices, and things like how many parades and bars there are.

Chicago is #1 again this year!

The ten best cities for St. Patrick’s Day are: 

  1. Chicago
  2. Boston
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Tampa
  6. Naperville, (Yeah, the one here in Illinois!)
  7. New York
  8. Buffalo
  9. Cleveland
  10. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The study found that Milwaukee has the cheapest beer, New York has the most Irish pubs per capita and Chicago has the most St. Patrick’s Day parties.  The river dying is RIGHT outside the WLS-FM studio window!!

Happy St Patrick’s Day – River Dyeing

Posted by David Pierczynski on Saturday, March 17, 2018