Tom O'Toole


You could win $10,000 AND have your dog featured on the new Keystone raspberry lime beer can

Your dog could be a modern-day Spuds MacKenzie if chosen as the winner of Keystone‘s “The Search for Lil’ Breezy Keezy Contest.”  Keystone is looking for a cool pup to be featured on the can of their upcoming “Keylightful,” raspberry lime beer.  They’re inviting people to submit pics of their dogs; one will be chosen to be the mascot of Keylightful for a year.  That means their pic will go on boxes and cans of Keylightful raspberry lime beer.  And for the owner of that chosen pet, they will receive $10,000 and the prize of knowing their dog will be immortalized on aluminum!

You can enter the contest by posting a pic of your pooch on Instagram with @keystoneofficial, #searchforlilkeezy, and #contest in the post. You can also simply email that pic to with a 100-or-less-word explanation of why your pet deserves to be Keystone’s mascot.  You only have until April 10th to enter.  Good luck to you and your 4-legged friend!