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America’s favorite super hero is Superman

A new survey asked 2,000 Americans.  And our favorite superhero is Superman while our favorite villain is The Joker.

Here are the 10 most popular superheroes, according to the poll . . .

1.  Superman

2.  Spider-Man

3.  Batman

4.  Captain America

5.  Iron Man

6.  Wonder Woman

7.  Aquaman

8.  Captain Marvel

9.  Black Panther

10.  Wolverine

A few superhero SNUBS that didn’t make the list include Thor, Deadpool, The Flash, The Hulk, Star-Lord, Black Widow, and The Punisher.

And, here are America’s 10 favorite superhero VILLAINS…

1.  The Joker

2.  Catwoman

3.  Venom

4.  Thanos

5.  Lex Luthor

6.  Magneto

7.  The Penguin

8.  Harley Quinn

9.  Mystique

10. Loki

A few snubs from the villains list include Bane, The Riddler, Solomon Grundy, Juggernaut, Ra’s al Ghul, Two Face, Red Skull, and The Green Goblin!

The survey also found we’re twice as likely to prefer Marvel over D.C. Comics.  America’s our favorite superhero team: The Avengers.