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BIDET sales are soaring as Coronavirus causes toilet paper panic-buying frenzies around the world

The ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak has caused people to go crazy buying toilet paper as they panic. This seems to have good implications for the bidet industry. Home product company Brondell, which sells various types of bidet toilet seats and attachments, has seen an increase in sales over the last few days.

Company spokesperson Daniel Lalley tells Business Insider they’re selling a bidet on Amazon every two minutes, or about one thousand units per day. He says the company earned $100,000 in one day this week through Amazon sales, an “exponential” increase over an average day. Brondell president Steven Scheer says, “As the toilet paper wars have raged on we’ve seen a large and vocal community of passionate bidet advocates stepping up to promote the benefits and hygiene of washing with water.” The company says they are having no issues filling the orders, either.