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You can now buy KISS / Marvel tee shirts for the rock / comic fan in your life

10th May 1976: American rock group Kiss arrive at London airport for their first European tour, already sporting black and silver make up and costumes. From left to right they are guitarist Ace Frehley, lead singer Gene Simmons, guitarist Paul Stanley and drummer Peter Criss. (Photo by Peter Cade/Central Press/Getty Images)

Fun fact: the paint on the faces of each KISS member are inspired by comic book characters.  The band LOVE comics.  So, it’s fitting that they would team up with the most popular comic book company out there.  You can now pick out these really cool KISS / Marvel Tee Shirts.

My favorite of the four swaps the members of the Fantastic Four for the KISS band as they take on one of Mole Man‘s monsters from the very first FF issue!  They’re available now on  Your favorite KISS fan (if that’s not YOU) will thank you greatly for these!