Poll says Michael Jordan is BETTER than LeBron James in 17-of-17 categories

In a new poll, ESPN gave NBA fans 17 categories covering both on- and off-the-court and Michael Jordan beat LeBron James in EVERY SINGLE ONE.

For example, when asked who has the better sneaker for fashion, 79% chose Jordan, 21% for LeBron.  For the better sneaker to BALL in, 77% went with Jordan, 23% sided with LeBron.

The fans’ pick “for a game-winning shot” would be Jordan 76% to 24% the “better player overall” was Jordan 73% to 27% who’d win “one-on-one to 21” was MJ 67% to 33% and the top pick to “start a team” is MJ 66% to 34%.

Fans would even prefer Michael to “have a drink with,” 65% to 35% as well as positive impact off the court, 62% to 38%.

The tightest race was in the “who you’d trust to pass you the ball” category, which makes sense because LeBron can be a great passer.  But, MJ still won that one 57% to 43%.