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Utah Man says he made delivered the pizza that was blamed for making Jordan sick during the ‘Flu Game’

We all remember game 5 of 1997 NBA finals where Michael Jordan just didn’t seem like himself.  Often dubbed the flu game, it was a topic on the hit documentary series, “The Last Dance.”  In the episode, Tim Grover, a former personal trainer to Jordan said he thinks it was food poisoning and not the flu that threw off the Bulls Star’s game.  This prompted a man from Utah to step forward and defend his cooking skills.

Following the episode, Craig Fite took to Facebook to say he has issue with MJ’s illness being blamed on food poisoning from pizza.  He says this, because he claims to have made and delivered that pizza himself.  In the comments section of Fite’s page, he describes receiving the call, his friend knowing it was going to the hotel the Bulls were staying at, and joining the delivery person in hopes of meeting some players.

He went on a radio show to defend that pizza, where he described Jordan smoking cigars at a window without his shirt on in the middle of the night when he delivered the pizza.  Fite says Jordan likely caught a cold from that and NOT food poisoning from his pizza.

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