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Illinois Phase 4 could allow Wrigley Field and Guaranteed Rate to reopen at 20% capacity

This Friday, June 23rd will take us another step toward normalcy when we enter Phase 4.  One guideline in the new order lists that outdoor “Outdoor spectator sports can resume with no more than 20% of seating capacity.”  Bleacher Nation points out that “theoretically… some fans at Wrigley Field and Guaranteed Rate as soon as the season starts.”

But, for the teams to really come back with fans in the stands, we need to see Mayor Laurie Lightfoot get on board with opening up the the two baseball fields.  Currently, it is under consideration, but Lightfoot wants to wait and see how things go as we enter Phase 4.

That said, if Lightfoot is pleased with the results and Illinois does not revert back to earlier lockdown phases, it is possible that we could see 20% of those seats and bleachers filled as our teams return to the field.  If the planned 60-schedule goes without strike or interference, the 2020 MLB season will begin around July 24th.

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