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Actual upcoming Wisconsin Rock Fest changes name from “Herd Immunity Festival” to “July Mini Fest”

You can’t change the minds of those Wisconsinites.  While Chicago has canceled nearly all of it’s summer concerts, Wisconsin will be holding the “July Mini Fest,” a 3-day rock festival in (you guessed it) July.  Initially, this fest touted itself as the, “Herd Immunity Festival.”  But, that’s since changed to the aforementioned “July Mini Fest.”

For 3 days, rock bands including ONE – Metallica Tribute BandThunderstruck-: America’s AC/DC Tribute and more will take to the stage to entertain what, according to the promoters, won’t be a forcibly, tightly-packed audience…

In a now-deleted Facebook post, the promoter, Q & Z Expo Center said, “As humans we NEED other human contact…  Spread the word by sharing the event and invite your friends.”

Q & Z followed that up with a new message, emphasizing that the space that supports 10,000 will only host an audience of 20% that amount…

So, if you’re willing to brave the crowds and just really want to get some exposure to live music, you can head up to The Q & Z Expo Center in Ringle, Wisconsin.  Tickets cost $105.50 each; no refunds.

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