Ever wanted to name a drink flavor? Now you can!

Snapple has released a mystery flavored-drink with the words, “Name the flav!” on the label.  And, that’s exactly what they want you to do: name it’s flavor!  So, to do so, you need to taste the drink to find out what you’re naming.  Then, on the bottle, there are further instructions to follow to submit your name idea.

Or, you can just vote on the name for the drink, even without trying it!  On NameTheFlav.com, name submissions are already posted so people can vote for their choice, meaning the new name is going to come from this vote.  Right now the top 3 picks are “Lemon Ol’ Razzle Dazzle,” “Berry Snazzy,” and “Pear-Of-Grapes.”  Sounds like it’s hard to guess that mystery flavor…

Got a better idea for a name than, “Berry Snazzy?”  Then submit it!


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