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Elton John featured in new Surfaces song and animated music video

Surfaces has released a new animated video and it’s a collaboration with Sir Elton John. The song, “Learn To Fly,” was recorded in quarantine and produced via Zoom. The band and the icon share an optimistic message in the midst of a global pandemic as they sing, “All the broken people, put your hands up high. If you lift them up, you might just touch the sky.”

Elton plays piano and also sings on the track.

After recording the demo, it was floating around and got into the hands of Elton who wanted to be a part of the track. After a series of Zoom studio sessions, they were able to record together from quarantine.

The band commented “It’s a song we started writing months ago, right after putting the finishing touches on our third album, Horizons.” Surfaces went on to say that working with the super star “felt like winning a Grammy.”