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Happy National French Fry Day!! – Here’s some places where you can get fry deals to celebrate!

McDonald’s goes through over a BILLION pounds of French fries EVERY YEAR.  Maybe a big contributor is National French Fry Day!  Today, we’re celebrating those sliced and fried potato sides!  AND, you can even get some for FREE!

You can get a free medium fry from McDonald’s today using their app.  OR, if medium isn’t enough, Burger King is selling their large fries for only $1 through their app.  Meanwhile, KFC is selling their fries for only 30 cents today.

What better way to celebrate #NationalFrenchFryDay than by trying our New Secret Recipe Fries at our old-school price? Get them today for only 30¢ with purchase.

Posted by KFC on Monday, July 13, 2020

There’s 3 meals in the day anyway, why not have fries as your side for all 3??