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Illinois’ weirdest town name is Chicken Bristle! – The weirdest town names in all 50 states

Someone spent some serious time and found the weirdest TOWN NAME in all 50 states.  The weirdest one here in Illinois is Chicken Bristle!  I’ve never even heard of that town!

Here’s some more of our fav’s…

Booger Hollow, Arkansas

Booger Hole, West Virginia.

Number Eight, Missouri

Ninety Six, South Carolina.

Paint Lick, Kentucky.

Accident, Maryland.

Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts.

Dummer, New Hampshire.

Handsome Eddy, New York.

Dull, Ohio

Boring, Oregon

Bland, Virginia.

What Cheer, Iowa

Zap, North Dakota

Ding Dong, Texas.

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