Cara Carriveau


Emmy Awards will be held virtually this year due to pandemic

The show will go on for the Emmy Awards this year despite the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s going to be held virtually.

Host Jimmy Kimmel and producers of the September 20th awards show confirmed the news yesterday (July 29th). Variety reported that a letter was sent to key acting nominees that says, “This year, it’s still going to be TV industry’s biggest night out . . . but we’ll come to you!” It’s still not clear how exactly it will work, but the letter says “cutting edge” technology will be used as they figure out how to film the nominees and whoever else is with them at their homes or other locations, promising, “We’re going to make you look fabulous.”

Deadline sees the virtual ceremony as an opportunity, suggesting it could be a, quote, “genuine chance to reinvent the show, and maybe send a signal to other organizations as to how it can be done.”