Cara Carriveau


Hotels marketing rooms as office spaces so you don’t have to work from home in pandemic

If you’re sick of working from home you could always book a hotel room. Several hotels across the U.S. have altered their marketing strategy and are marketing their rooms as office spaces as they battle low occupancy rates due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For example, at the Best Western Plus White Bear Country Inn outside of Minneapolis, guests can book rooms for $59 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.—which has helped increase the hotel’s occupancy rate to about 60 percent. The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York is partnering with workplace provider Industrious to transform 14 rooms on its second floor into offices, prices range from $200 to $275 per day depending on how many people use the space.

Some experts in the hotel industry say the pandemic has dealt the worst hit the industry has ever seen.  Hopefully this helps them and those needing to get out of the house to actually get work DONE.