Cara Carriveau


They’re bringing back ‘Open House Chicago’ but, it’ll be different this year

For 10 years, Open House Chicago has let people check out the exteriors and interiors of Chicago’s amazing architecture… and they aren’t planning on skipping this year!

For those who haven’t participated in the Chicago Architecture Center’s, “Open House Chicago,” it’s a yearly event that allows architecture enthusiasts to see parts of buildings throughout Chicago that they never would have been able to check out and learn about the structures they visit.

Due to the pandemic, of course, the event needs to be altered a bit this year.   Participants won’t be able to go inside all of the buildings they would otherwise normally get to.  But, the event will still allow visitors to see these buildings from the outside and learn about them from the Open House Chicago mobile app.  So it will still be a tour, just keeping to the outdoors.  There will also be online programming to accompany the event.

You can check out info and event schedule at the Open House Chicago website.

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