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Internet company offering $1,000 for giving up digital devices and living in RV for 48 hours

This sounds like a pretty sweet way to make $1,000!  I was just saying to myself I need a break from technology.

Satellite internet provider Satellite Internet is offering to pay someone $1,000 to “digitally detox” in nature with no electronic devices. The Salt Lake City-based company says one randomly selected applicant for the “Digital Detox Challenge” will get $1,000 for spending 48 hours living out of an RV at a U.S. national park without any Internet or phone service.

The company will provide an internet hotspot at the end of the challenge for the winner to share details of their experience online. The company says the contest is open to those over age 25 with a valid driver’s license and eligibility to work in the United States.

A winner will be announced on September 23rd.  You can apply now at SatelliteInternet.com.