Cara Carriveau


Two-Thirds of employers plan on offering flexible working post COVID-19

Some people really love working from home, and a new study from CV-Library finds that 61 percent of employers plan on offering flexible working to their employees following the coronavirus pandemic. The data shows that the rise in working from home due to the pandemic has created a shift in workers’ expectations with people looking to flexible working to create more balance between their personal and professional lives.

The percentage of jobs on the website that include the term “flexible working” in their description went up to 4.6 percent in July, when in January it had been 3.4 percent. Eighty-four percent of companies say the plan to highlight that flexible or remote working is available in their organization when speaking to candidates about their vacancies.

The question is: do you want to keep working from home or go back to the office?  A new survey asked people if they miss different things about being in an office, and here are the results…

1.  Seeing work friends and coworkers.  66% MISS it.

2.  Face-to-face meetings, 49%.

3.  Office gossip, 38%.

4.  Going out to lunch, 31%.

5.  Sometimes leaving early, 26%.

6.  Putting on “real” clothes, 15%.

7.  Laughing at your boss’s jokes, 13%.

8.  Office décor, 7%.

9.  The smell of the office, 5%.

10.  Setting an early alarm, 4%.

Yahoo / YouGov