Cara Carriveau


Kit Kat Club is choosing 200 new members to join and try flavors no one else can get

Did you know Kit Kat is MASSIVE overseas??  As such, countries have made a HUGE variety of Kit Kat flavors that have never made it to the mass American market.  We’ve really been missing out on some interesting candy including cookie dough, wine, cookies and cream and green tea.

Well, U.S. Kit Kat fanatics can stop feeling left out.  Hershey’s is looking for 200 lucky people to join their “Kit Kat Club.”  Chosen members will receive 3 Kit Kat flavor packs over the course of a year that contain Kit Kats you can’t get anywhere yet.  They will also receive members only merchandise to show off to non-members.

You can enter for a chance to get into this exclusive club once per day through September 29th.  Head to Hershey’ to sign up.

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