Cara Carriveau


Check out these two drive-through haunted houses this Halloween season

Halloween does not have to be a bust this year.  Trick-or-treating may be difficult and a crowded house party is just not happening… BUT, you can still get some chills from these drive-through haunted houses!

The best haunted houses are interactive: the ones where people follow you and jump out at you.  That’s not practical in a pandemic.  However, people jumping at your car is a great way to get those scares without the germs.  Replay Lincoln Park is hosting one of these filled with zombies, demons, ghouls and ghosts.    What they’re calling the Alley of Darkness, people will be able to drive through this experience with their own cars or rentals if needed.  You can reserve your tickets through the alley for $75 ($100 if you’re borrowing a vehicle) HERE.  The Alley will open for guests on October 2nd through the 31st.

For those in the northwest burbs, you can head out to Camp Big Timber in Elgin for BMC ProductionsTerror in the Timbers.  This one is apparently connected to the Chicago-based novel, “The Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson.  In this drive through haunted house, you’re going to want to watch out for serial killer Dr. H.H. Holmes  You can get your tickets for ‘Terror in the Timbers’ here.

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