Brian Peck


Disney’s “Lion King” PREQUEL is in the works

If you loved the 2019 CGI version of “The Lion King”, you’ll like this:  A PREQUEL is in development.  The script for the new movie was written by Jeff Nathanson, who wrote the 2019 version and “Speed 2: Cruise Control”.

There aren’t many details about the plot but a “source” says Disney is approaching it like “The Godfather: Part 2”, where the story will push forward, while looking back at the past, including exploring Mufasa‘s “origin story.”  In other words, it’s more of a “follow-up” than a traditional prequel or sequel.  If Mufasa is involved, Scar would be too, but there was no mention of Simba.

There’s no word on casting or a possible release date.  The first movie was directed by Jon Favreau, but this one will be handled by Oscar-nominated director Barry Jenkins, who did “Moonlight” in 2016.

For those unfamiliar with the 2019 remake, here’s a trailer of the new version…

…And, for those of us who loved the original, we can still watch it on Disney+.