Half of people have already started their Christmas shopping and people are expected to spend more this holiday season

According to a new survey, HALF of people say they’ve already started doing their holiday shopping.  And, that’s mostly because they’re bored at home.  In fact, 15% of people already got started on this in August!

The survey also found three-quarters of people who had to cancel some travel plans over the holidays plan on putting that money into more gifts for people.  Another survey got more specific, finding that we’re going to spend an average of $40 more on our kids, $3 more on our significant others, $9 more on our parents, $11 more on our siblings and $5 more on our in-laws.  And, we’re also going to spend plenty of money on buying OURSELVES things.

That half is expected to go up to 75% of people shopping as early as possible this year.  People don’t want to wait for Black Friday deals!

 People / PR Newswire