Brian Peck


The newest Disney/Pixar movie is skipping theaters and going straight to streaming

After the success of Disney‘s Mulan on their streaming platform, Disney+, the ‘House of Mouse’ has announced it will be giving subscribers a special Christmas present.  On Christmas Day, you’ll be able to see the newest film from the animation studio that brought us the Toy Story movies, The Incredibles, The Cars movies, Inside OutWall-EUp!Coco and many other instant classics.  We’ll finally get to see Pixar‘s Soul!

Unlike ‘Mulan,’ Soul will not be behind a paywall when it arrives.  All Disney+ subscribers will be able to watch for no additional fee.  Soul was originally slated for a June 19th release.  It was then delayed for theatrical release on November 20th… and obviously, that’s not happening now!

‘Soul’ stars Jamie FoxxTina Fay and Questlove from Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show band.  The film follows middle school music teacher, Joe Gardner, who gets the chance of a lifetime for a jazz musician… only to have his soul separated from his body due to an untimely accident.  If there’s anything to expect from Pixar movies, it’s a touching story and a tear-jerking scene or two.

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