Dunkin’ has a new spicy ghost pepper donut for Halloween

Dunkin’ has introduced a new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut. The spicy treat includes Spicy Ghost Pepper Strawberry dipping Icing, according to a picture on Reddit, which is where the heat comes in.

Dunkin Ghost Pepper Donut?? I think they may have put this poster up a bit early cause the guy had no idea what it was in the store. 🥱😳 from spicy

It’s the newest Halloween offering from Dunkin’, and returning to the Halloween menu is the specialty Spider Donut (a ring donut dipped in orange icing and drizzled with chocolate icing meant to represent the spider’s legs, a glazed chocolate Munchkin goes in the middle to be the body of the spider.) These Halloween donuts, and others, are expected to hit stores today, October 14th.