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The BEST scary movie quotes EVER

In a new poll, 2,000 Americans voted for the most “iconic” quotes from scary movies . . . and here are the Top 10:

1.  “I see dead people,” from “The Sixth Sense”

2.  “Heeere’s Johnny!” from “The Shining”

3.  “They’re here,” from “Poltergeist”

4.  “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” from “Jaws”

5.  “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep,” from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

6.  “It’s alive!” from “Frankenstein”

7.  “Do you like scary movies?” from “Scream”

8.  “A boy’s best friend is his mother,” from “Psycho” 

9.  “Do you want to play a game?” from “Saw”

10.  “The power of Christ compels you,” from “The Exorcist”